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Dan Boras [userpic]

The Jets will be grounded this weekend against the Steelers

January 22nd, 2011 (12:16 am)

No matter what happens this weekend, the NY Jets have made a name for themselves as a tough team, that can raise their game to great levels. They took out Peyton Manning, they neutralized Tom Brady, but they can't beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh. Analysts will remind you that the Jets beat Pittsburgh this year. However, if you remember that game, Pittsburgh outplayed the Jets and if the Jets didn't get a 97 yard kickoff return, they would have lost that game to the Steelers. Plus, the Steelers never had Polamalu and Heath Miller for that game.

The other reason that I think that Steelers will win is because it will be impossible for the Jets to reach the joy of beating the Patriots. There will be a letdown. I have seen this happen in the past with other sports. I honestly don't think that Jets would have beaten a healthy Tom Brady, who had surgery this week.

Reality will hit the Jets this weekend, because Pittsburgh is better on both sides of the ball.