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Dan Boras [userpic]

Who should go after J.S Giguere?

January 22nd, 2011 (12:49 am)

As we approach the NHL trade deadline in a few weeks, it is a time when Stanley Cup contenders should look at adding a playoff proven NHL goaltender to their roster. Current Maple Leafs goalie J.S Giguere makes 7 million per year, with this being the last year of his contract. Whichever team takes him will have to pay a prorated amount of 1.3 million.....pretty good for a rental player. Assuming that he is healthy, then I think that 2 teams should strongly consider him......San Jose and Washington.

San Jose only has Antero Nittymaki, who is playoff raw. Gigi knows the Western Conference from his days with the Ducks. He can win a series by himself when he is on fire. Washington would also benefit from Gigi, for playoff depth. Varlamov is young and if I am Washington, I would be nervous having my season rest on Neuvirth as a backup. 

Now that Nabokov is off the market, after being claimed by the Islanders today, it's one less option available for teams to choose from, making Giguere an even more valuable commodity.  Other than Giguere, the only other goalie that might be let go and can help a contender is Martin Brodeur.  It makes sense for the Devils to let him go, because he is 39 years old and the Devils are rebuilding.  It's not the same Brodeur from the past, but he just might have some gas left in the tank.

These two teams should take a chance on Gigi. It won't cost more than a 3rd rounder because of the high salary and the fact that he contract ends this year.  It's low risk, potentially high return.